Our Mission: To worship God, to grow in Christ, and to share the gifts God has given us with the world. 

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church is a community of faith that welcomes all. We are the youngest church in the Diocese of Oregon.

Our way of doing ministry is to be open to the discernment and leading  of God's Holy Spirit. People of all ages are able to find a place at God's Holy Table here. There are no outcasts at Prince of Peace. 

This is a faith community that is flexible, accepting, caring and supporting of all in their journey of faith. We take the words of Jesus to reach out to others who are seeking Christ in their lives. 

We love the Anglican tradition of liturgy and emphasize worship that is the work the of the people. The gathered community is the choir and many participate as the worship leaders. Special worship services throughout the year emphasize the changing needs of our world and community.  

We are a faith community that believe questions are the cornerstone to a lively and deep faith and that sometimes there are more questions than answers. 

We are a thriving hopeful community that seeks to serve others who are part of our larger community. 
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